Eclectic Catering- Station Menus/Barbecue


They are a bit like a buffet, but they have a WOW factor that your guests will love. They are fun and exciting because they create a large variety of cuisine for you and your guests to choose from, everyone will enjoy visiting each station and hand selecting each item that appeals to them. You can choose as many as you would like and being that our chefs are multifaceted we can create a station even if you don’t see it here. So, if you enjoy Cuban food let us create a Cuban inspired station the possibilities are limitless. Our stations are perfect for any style of event; wedding, social or corporate and they can be used for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Set the Scene! Not only do our stations come with decadent food they also come with their own personal presentation because presentation is everything. We have created a charming theme to each kiosk that will bring additional life and excitement to your event.


EE Events Barbecue is made with intense fiery heat and every menu item is made to order. Our succulent meat and fresh vegetables are purchased locally when possible and our chef’s have created unique rubs and sauces that are full of vibrant flavors.

Whether you want one of our well-seasoned chef’s onsite grilling everything fresh for you and your guests or a drop and go,  we promise everyone a memorable experience.


Shopping local is something we hold dear to our hearts, we love it when we can support local farmers. We created a sample farm to fork menu that is completely local and organic, and our chefs do such an impeccable job at preparation we promise it will be one of the best meals you have ever enjoyed. We absolutely love being part of the fresh food movement whenever possible.


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